Custom Planning Fee

Includes "Discover More" conversation, trip research, planning, development of custom itinerary (includes up to 5 rounds prior to approval), hotel/tour bookings and follow up confirmations on all direct bookings.  Includes access to Partner benefits (i.e. Virtuoso amenities) when applicable. (Max 10 Hours): $300-$500 per trip


Group Planning Fee

For groups larger than 8 people, which require additional coordination and assistance.  Includes all services covered in the custom planning fee. $500-$750 per trip

Last Minute Planning Fee

Trips scheduled to start six weeks or less from the engagement of services require additional time and attention. This is in addition to the planning fee. $100-$200 per trip


Concierge Fee

Includes additional help with concierge type arrangements such as dining reservations and self-guided touring suggestions. $100-$200 per trip

Additional Planning Hours

If after the initial rounds of trip planning, there are destinations added or extensive trip changes, this could result in additional planning costs in order to cover the hours required to revise or re-plan the trip. $100-$200 per trip


Hotel Booking Fee

Includes initial "Discover More" conversation, research, approval rounds, bookings and follow up.  Includes access to Virtuoso benefits when applicable. (Max 3 Hours) $50-$200 per trip


Rail Booking Fee

This applies to any rail tickets, including researching available trains and classes and making bookings. $50 per booking

Non-Commissionable Hotel Booking Fee

This only applies to hotels that are non-commissionable. Traditional/most hotel bookings are covered in the basic planning fee. $100 per booking

Airline Ticketing Fee

Only if a ticket is non-commissionable, an additional fee will apply. $50-$100 per person


Cancellation Fee

All bookings are subject up to a 15% cancellation fee.