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Working with Courtney was amazing. We were so happy we hired her because if we didn't, we probably wouldn't have done the trip as she kept us on track to decide on tours, air flights, etc. Planning a trip by yourself is time-consuming and because she did a lot of the leg-work, we were able to go and enjoy our time away. The luxury of having and accepting her assistance is a phenomenal feeling and it's worth every penny!

— Cassie Folk

Destination: South America

— Caitlin Steiner

Destination: Hawaii

We had a fantastic time at the Four Seasons Oahu! Booking with Courtney was amazing she got back to me very quickly with all of my questions as well as making the booking simple, quick and easy. We already booked again for our upcoming trip to Sydney!

Maybritt Haeling recently organized a 3 week vacation to Japan for us. Her attention to detail was outstanding. She took the time to really understand what we were looking for and created a customized experience for us. We would highly recommend her services to anyone.

— Jules Arthur

Destination: Japan

— Kevin Ball

Destination: Iceland

BEST. TRIP. EVER. Courtney has the best advice! Our trip was amazing thanks to her recommendations, hard work, and prompt service! A flawless and luxurious travel experience. I can’t wait to travel again so I can be in her capable hands. Thank you Courtney!!"

Andrea of Duclos

"Travel opens a whole new world of connections, language, knowledge and gratitude. We need to be able to see beyond ourselves and our direct lives to understand how our own lives impact the global environment and economy. We try to get out in the world often and gain knowledge without taking away from cultures and places. Each trip leaves me feeling renewed and happy, and I can see the change in my entire family too. I'm always grateful for it."


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