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Luxury Travel Advisor

Courtney’s parents instilled a love of travel in her at an early age, thanks to the family’s annual trips around Europe and the United States. However, it was Courtney’s later exploration of South America that convinced her to dedicate her life to making world travel a tangible reality for others. 

MY LUXURY IS: a destination that is remote, quiet and peaceful, with a comfortable and elegant yet understated property. I've found my luxury in many places around the world, including Bhutan, Patagonia, New Zealand and Montana.

MY FAVORITE ADVENTURE SPOT IS: Patagonia! On a recent trip, I was completely taken by this vast land, which is simultaneously peaceful and powerful. Thanks to the colorful valleys, snow-peaked mountains and adventurous people, I'm eager to go back for more.  

WHY I LOVE TRAVEL: I find travel to be so expansive, not only as I discover more about the destinations, cultures and people I encounter, but also as I discover more within myself. Traveling makes me a more patient, compassionate person—after all, the more people I meet during my travels, the more I realize that we are all similar. Plus, traveling gives me great stories to share at cocktail parties!  

MY OTHER LOVES: I practice yoga regularly when I am at home in San Francisco because it gives me the same expansive results that traveling does. I also love traveling through my stomach, so you can often find me in my kitchen, attempting to replicate the recipes and culinary ideas that I have picked up during my travels.

MY TRAVEL PHILOSOPHY: Do something outside of your comfort zone. While visiting a familiar place is sometimes necessary, I've found there is no growth in perpetual comfort. Living in Rio for a few months was certainly a challenge, but it was also one of the most special experiences I'll ever hold.  

MY BEST TRAVEL ADVICE: Don't pack too much in—in terms of both your luggage and your itinerary. Leave room for souvenirs and opportunities.

MY TRAVEL HAPPY SPACE IS: the bathtub overlooking the valley at Gangtey Lodge in Bhutan. 


Luxury Travel Advisor

Travel is in Maybritt’s blood as well. Early in Maybritt’s life, her mother worked as a travel agent with a family friend who owned a travel agency. Thanks to this collaboration, Maybritt was able to cultivate a love of travel from a young age, exploring destinations from Copenhagen to Cape Town, and many places in between. 

MY LUXURY IS: seeing the world through my children's eyes. Even old places feel new. I believe travel is one of the greatest gifts I can provide for them.

MY MOST MEMORABLE TRIP: Peru is currently at the top of my list. It has it all: breathtaking scenery, fascinating history, delicious food and an admirable respect for their people, culture and the earth. And, the butterflies that appear to change colors just add to the magic of this beautiful country.

WHY I LOVE TRAVEL: Travel gives you perspective, compassion and respect for all things, different and the same. 

MY OTHER LOVES: As much as I love to travel, there's nothing like coming home and spending time with family and friends in beautiful San Diego, which is never a bad place to be.

MY TRAVEL PHILOSOPHY: Slow down. Take a deep breath and enjoy your surroundings. Build in some time for self exploration and be open to what memorable adventures may come your way. Talk with the locals and other travelers.

MY BEST TRAVEL ADVICE: Put down your camera. It's always great to get a few great shots, but then give yourself some time to see the beauty with your own eyes, without the distraction of feeling like you have to capture everything on film.

MY TRAVEL HAPPY SPACE: laughing and sharing stories of the day's adventure over a "sun-downer" drink.

Meet the Team


After a decade of excelling in corporate marketing for companies such as Gap Inc., Courtney Regan decided to follow her true passion: travel. Thus, in 2012, she switched professional gears, partnering with Brownell and founding Courtney Regan Travel. In 2015, Courtney joined forces with her lifelong friend, Maybritt Haeling, who also had an illustrious career in retail marketing for Callaway Golf. Maybritt, however, had just had her second child and realized that transitioning into the travel industry would allow her the opportunity to share her love of travel with her family while helping others do the same.

The friends’ strong bond make them an even stronger professional team. Together, they rebranded the company, now known as TravelStruck, which is an independent affiliate of Brownell Travel and a Virtuoso Member. Collectively, Courtney and Maybritt have 20 years of client services and project management expertise, which provides them with the knowledge needed to create a personalized travel experience for each of their clients.


As much as Courtney and Maybritt love to travel, they value being able to foster relationships in their line of work just as much. Witnessing the excitement that their clients have, not only during their trip, but also before and after their excursion, is one of the most fulfilling aspects of their job. This is why they do more than simply plan clients’ vacations; instead, they design unique, transformative luxury adventures.



"Don't call it a dream. Call it a plan."